Successful Projects with Well-Managed Documentation

Here is a summary of good practices in document management:

  • Use consultants to evaluate, analyze, create, and implement a simple, short, duplicable, and adoptable procedure.
  • Evaluate your needs according to your work environment (e.g. memory capacity, available time).
  • Integrate a document management tool or software to facilitate your method organization and application.
  • Classify information so that it can be found quickly and logically.
  • • Use metadata with search fields from general to specific (within texts and not only in titles).
  • Centralize digital information for all team members (eliminate paper documentation).
  • Define user access to manage collaborative work.
  • Establish a retention schedule.
  • Share and respect the same work method throughout the organization.

Previously, the records management exercise occurred at the end of business or when a file was closed. Experience has proven that thinking about this management upstream is more effective as it helps make the information traceable throughout the project and even years later.

Don’t take it too late. Take care of your projects with a professional methodology such as the one offered by CREO Solutions.

In collaboration with Aurélie Sottiau and Marilou Nadon, information management specialists.