The construction project

The new CHUM, located in downtown Montreal, is the biggest hospital project in North America. This state-of-the-art facility includes three major hospitals and a research centre.

To successfully complete a project of this scale, the implementation of an efficient project management solution was essential. Several factors contributed to the complexity of this project. Consider the following hundreds of stakeholders, large-scale projet, multiple phases and milestones, accountability, ability to track progress, ability to demonstrate compliance, managing costs, calculating earned value and so much more.

CREO’s involvement promoted effective communication between all stakeholders, maintaining confidentiality, eliminating silos and increasing collaboration.

Operational mandate

Following the construction phase, we are now working with another partner in order to establish a litigation management process and prepare claims files for design build defect. CREO is also supporting this partner in the operational commissioning activities for the second and final phase of construction of the hospital complex.

CREO’s mandate

  • Claims management
  • Investigation and management of design build defects
  • Management of corrective measures to achieve the stipulated performance
  • Optimization of Aconex (collaborative platform)
  • Identify prerequisites required for delivery of construction projects
  • Development of training programs as part of the operational commissioning activities

Our solutions make a difference

The bigger the goal, the greater the victory. That is exactly what the CHUM project is for CREO, a success story that we are proud of. By optimizing their model, we drastically increased the collaboration between the different groups involved in the project. For a 230,000 m2 and 25 storey project, it speaks volumes!

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