The most sophisticated collaborative platforms

All projects benefit from a collaborative platform: increased awareness of the information, reduction in risk, group interconnectivity, increased knowledge of the project, customizable common data environment, increased reporting capabilities and so much more to assist in decision making. The advantages are numerous and this technology propels good management practices to the next level in every step of a building’s life cycle.

From design all the way to the end of the construction phase, our powerful collaborative platforms allow you to better manage risk and improve your processes. This will result in cost avoidance and tangible savings supported by KPI’s.

Our experts carefully select the best tools in the industry. Having complete confidence in these solutions, we can focus on what matters: helping you find the tools that best suit your needs, regardless of the size and complexity of your projects.

Boost your ROI with the best tools

Major projects ($1B and over)

  • Project management and documentation: Aconex
  • Building Operation: Unifier, Achibus

Small and medium projects

  • Project management and documentation: Dreeven
  • Building operation: eMaint

Access the future of construction

  • Advanced collaboration
  • Collection of large amounts of data
  • Fluid and uniform operations
  • Schedule compliance
  • Budget compliance
  • Reduction of operating costs

A winning formula that can work with all projects

Our proven methods ensure success.

Optimize every dimension of your projects


Navigate skillfully through your most complex projects.


Increase the potential of your data with effective and proven methods.


Deepen your understanding of the data that you possess.