Improve job site production rates up to 50% with CraneView®

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We continue to empower innovative construction teams, by using AI on the job site with CraneView. Mounted to your crane, it gives you full visibility into your site operations.

Easy to install on your crane, the data captured by CraneView gives smart insights to set new standards in productivity, safety and performance.

Installation in less than 1 minute

of the CraneView device.




Our team uploads your site plans, models and schedules.



Your team adds the CraneView devices to the site cranes in just seconds.



Your data is live and accessible from anywhere you work, ready to start improving operations from day one.

Optimize your operations with CraneView daily reports

→ Data suited to your needs

→ Insights from your daily activities

→ Non-intrusive technology

→ An ally for worksite safety

→ Data from day 1

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