Notice of Appointment

Enzo Conte, co-founder and CEO of CREO Solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. François Audet, CPA, CA as Chief Financial Officer and member of the Management Committee.

Mr. Audet works with businesses experiencing strong growth and transformation. He also has concrete experience as a Senior Vice-President Corporate Finance and Integration in the biotechnology sector, as a Senior Vice-President Head of Finance at Desjardins, as a Senior Vice-President Treasury and Financial Markets at the National Bank and as a Finance Director at BDC and Teleglobe.

“CREO Solutions’ position is very promising,” he believes, “as the business provides specialized professional project management services to the construction industry that integrate new technologies and strategic tools supported by artificial and business intelligence, while supporting clients with a human approach.”

Vision for the Future – Growth

Enzo Conte, CEO of CREO Solutions, believes that this is a strategic addition to the team and that Mr. Audet’s expertise will contribute to the company’s success during this crucial stage of strong expansion. With a wealth of experience in corporate finance, financial markets, strategic planning and business intelligence, François Audet believes that a company has to take a big step when it wants to grow quickly and that “with its creative and professional team, CREO Solutions will succeed.”