Notice of Appointment

Enzo Conte, co-founder and CEO of CREO Solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Stéphane Coudé as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. This addition to the CREO Solutions team will allow the company to continue to grow inside and outside Quebec. CREO Solutions offers specialized professional services in construction project management and integration of new technologies for this sector.

“Mr. Coudé shares our vision based on an efficient, transparent and human methodology,” said the founding president of CREO Solutions, “in addition to having the skills we were looking for to continue to grow internationally”. Having guided over 300 companies in their growth, Stéphane Coudé is also the president and senior consultant of his own professional services company specialized in strategy, management, marketing and international sales. Lastly, he has a vast experience in B2B and B2G strategy.

Better Together

Stéphane Coudé has an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration from Université Paris Dauphine and a post-MBA degree from the Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen Graduate School. He touts that a good strategy is based primarily on the vision of entrepreneurs and turns it into concrete actions with all stakeholders. It is fundamentally about the idea that we are better together than on our own. “We are able to accomplish major projects by sharing our skills,” which, he believes, is crucial to the organization’s sustainability.