Its “Bureau de projet du réseau structurant de transport en commun” will use Aconex.

Québec City has awarded a $2.6-million contract to CREO Solutions for the implementation of a robust document management platform, Aconex, for its public transit construction projects, including the new tramway.

During the construction of major new transportation infrastructure, many important documents – plans, technical specifications, etc. – must be shared by various internal and external stakeholders, which increases the risk of errors, confusion or misunderstandings.

An electronic document management tool helps reduce the risk, as well as delays and, ultimately, costs. Aconex was chosen for its qualities in terms of traceability, integrity, accessibility and data security. It was also used during the refurbishment of the Turcot Interchange.

Québec City chose CREO Solutions for its expertise and experience in construction project management and for its structuring approach and proven method. CREO Solutions has previously used Aconex in several other major projects.

Québec City Press Release (French only)

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