A Strong Team Spirit Despite the Distance

Since its inception in 2018, CREO Solutions has embraced telework. Despite this, we see a strong team spirit among our colleagues. Daily meetings by videoconference and spontaneous calls encourage exchanges and make it possible to get to know each other quickly. For the integration of new staff, on the first day, colleagues meet in small meetings one by one to understand the different roles of the team members. It is an opportunity to meet new people in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Team Building activities

CREO Solutions team members get together for impromptu activities like picnics or virtual happy hours outside of the daily routine. Thanks to the relaxed measures planned for the summer, the team will come together again to volunteer for the Old Brewery Mission, serve meals to the homeless in Montreal, and spend a day outdoors.

By organizing such activities, the CREO Solutions team improves communication between colleagues. The fun and relaxed atmosphere allows you to mingle with others and discover the team from a new angle. These events also help reinforce the bond between the employees and the company.

A Winning Formula

All in all, even though telework may seem distant and cold, for CREO Solutions, it is a winning formula. Well-established collaborative solutions, increased communication, and fun team moments are an overview of the CREO Solutions strategy, which aligns well with the company’s values.