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Whether you need advice or full service support, we can help you develop a management solution tailored to your needs. The CREO method involves three phases: the selection of a proven technology platform, development of operating procedures adapted to the platform and support through this change.

We support you at every step of the way

The building life cycle

Program & Design - Construction - Operation - [Renovation] - Demolition

Focus on your specialty

We excel in making your daily processes easier. Leave the bulk of the work to us by outsourcing your operations.

The transition from construction to a fully operational building requires planning. Skillful management of this phase will avoid any unforeseen setbacks. And that is exactly what we offer: the support of a team specialized in the entire building’s life cycle.

Backed by solid experience, our experts can help manage the design, commissioning, handover, defects and more.

A winning formula that can work with all projects

Our proven methods ensure success.

Optimize every dimension of your projects


Navigate skillfully through your most complex projects.


Increase the potential of your data with effective and proven methods.


Deepen your understanding of the data that you possess.